Prostrate Cancer Diagnosis Symptoms – 4 To Be Aware of

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There are many symptoms that are attributable to prostate cancer. If you wait to start having these symptoms, then it’s likely that the cancer has spread. But if you go for tests early and the cancer is detected without any signs and symptoms, then it’s in the early stages and can be effectively treated. If your prostate gland is affected with cancer tumor, then your doctor may carryout diagnosis to confirm the condition.

The following are four popular diagnoses carried out to detect prostate cancer:

1. A PSA test – This refers to Prostate Specific Antigen and it is a protein enzyme that is naturally produced by the prostate. A higher than above level of PSA in the blood indicates that the prostate is infected, enlarged, or has become infected with cancer tumor. The PSA test is performed by the use of blood samples.

2. Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) – This is another diagnosis carried out to confirm the existence of cancer in the prostate or not. This is a procedure whereby the doctor inserts gloved fingers into the rectum to feel the presence of enlarged prostate. It is a physical diagnosis, which allows the doctors to check for any signs of cancer.

3. Biopsy- This is a diagnosis carried out to confirm the presence of cancer. In this procedure, some tissues of the prostate are taken as samples and examined under the lens of a microscope. It is usually carried out if it is confirmed that you might have prostate cancer by other diagnosis like PSA test or DRE. Biopsy is good when finding out the stage that the prostate cancer has progressed to in your body.

4. Ultra sound scanning – This is used to find out if the cancer has metastasized to other part of the body like the bones and cardiac area or not. Specific equipment is used to conduct the scan.

These are four popular diagnoses for prostate cancer. Your physician will determine which of the procedures will be applied to you. So, discuss with him about the pros and cons of any of these diagnosis procedures.

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