Why You Should Do A Prostate Cancer Psa Test Today

Prostate cancer PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test is one of the tests given to ascertain the existence or otherwise of prostate cancer in men.

It is simple a blood test to help doctors diagnose the prostate cancer (if it exists) and to help in making decisions regarding how to treat it.

The prostate cancer PSA tests help a great deal to indicate the presence or other wise of any prostate related problem, including prostate cancer.

After the test and it is discovered that the PSA levels are raised, then there will be the need for a prostate biopsy to reach a final diagnosis.

A prostate biopsy is a test that is done to see the presence of cancer. It is done with a sample of tissue taken from the prostate gland and then looked at with the microscope to see the presence or absence of cancer.

Prostate cancer PSA tests have been known to save a lot of men who wouldn’t have ever known they heard prostate cancer. Such men had gone for the PSA tests without having any signs or symptoms- as a way of doing general medical check ups.

That is why most men above the ages of 40 are now advised to always go for their PSA tests at least once a year or twice or even thrice.

With prostate cancer, the sooner it is detected, the better the treatment and survival.

If it is not detected and treated in good time, it would spread to other parts of the body and cause a lot of problems for the victims.

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