Why You Need A Bone Scan Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer is now the most common cancer disease plaguing elderly men in the United States, Canada and many countries of the world.

The problem with prostate cancer is that it is very difficult to notice in the early stages. It remains in the prostate and starts growing for many months and years without any sign or symptom.

When the growth has spread beyond the prostate, the victim begins to feel certain signs and symptoms like difficulty in urination, blood in the urine and semen and even pain in certain areas and bones in the body.

Prostate cancer can be detected by several tests such as Digital Rectal Examination, testing for abnormally high blood levels of protein also known as PSA test, and also bone scan prostate cancer.

It becomes necessary for bone scan prostate cancer when the other tests cannot find the cancer yet the victim continues to feel certain symptoms that are characterized by pains in the lower back of the victim, pelvis or the upper thighs.

Bone scans for prostate cancer becomes absolutely necessary to discover advanced metastatic prostate cancer that has spread far into the bones of the victim.

When discovered with bone scan, the prostate cancer will then be treated using any of the best treatments for this advanced metastatic stage to relieve the bone pains and slows the dangerous spread of the cancerous cells.

Some of the treatments include hormone therapy, surgical removal of the testes or radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is also done in some stages and types of prostate cancer.

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