New More Effective PSA Test Method For Detecting Prostate Cancer?

New More Effective PSA Test Method For Detecting Prostate Cancer:

We just found an interesting news article that throws more light on a kind of more advanced PSA test that can detect prostate cancer better than the usual PSA tests.

As you may already know, the usual PSA tests usually throws false positives, which leads to even more biopsies and treatments that may not even be necessary.

This has cost many men lots of money as well as endless mental and psychological traumas. Hopefully not anymore, if the story about this new PSA Pro Test is to be believed.

Read this news article below:

WASHINGTON, D.C (Ivanhoe Newswire) –The PSA test is the only available FDA approved screening method to identify prostate cancer in men. But, the test has been controversial for years because it’s not always accurate – causing some men unnecessary biopsies and needless treatment. We’ll tell you about a better, more accurate test for prostate cancer.

When Dan Zenka learned he had prostate cancer, his doctor let him know how serious the diagnosis was.

“He indicated that mine was a more aggressive form or appeared to be a more aggressive form of prostate cancer,” Dan Zenka, Prostate cancer patient told Ivanhoe.

Dan knows a lot about prostate cancer, he’s senior vice president of communications at the Prostate Cancer Foundation. He’s well aware that one in six men will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime.

“I knew the chances were good that I might be hearing those very words someday myself,” Zenka said.

The PSA test is the most common way to screen for prostate cancer. But the test can result in a high number of false positives and false negatives – causing unnecessary treatments and missed diagnoses. Now, urologists say that a new test, called the pro PSA test, better detects aggressive cancer and reduces false positives.

“The pro PSA test is more accurate than anything that is currently available,” William Catalona, M.D., a urologist at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine told Ivanhoe.

PSA or prostate specific antigen is found in the blood. High levels of PSA could indicate prostate cancer. The new test measures a more specific form of PSA in the blood.

“That specifically is a better marker for prostate cancer than the other forms of PSA that have been previously developed,” Dr. Catalona said.

The new test measures blood levels of three different types of PSAs. Combined with annual biopsies, or tissue samples, it was about 70 percent accurate in singling out the aggressive tumor. The pro PSA level is turning out to be a more valuable predictor for prostate cancer.

“It can give you a more accurate estimate of whether or not he has prostate cancer, and whether or not the prostate cancer is one of those that would be potentially life threatening,” Dr. Catalona added. Read more here:

We will now await when and whether this new PSA Pro method will be approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. They say it has already been approved in Europe, so that’s a good sign.

So, there you go – New More Effective PSA Test Method For Detecting Prostate Cancer!

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