Do You Know The Importance Of Prostate Cancer Biopsy?

Prostate cancer biopsy is one of the best ways of determining whether cancer is present or not.

When a tumor is detected in the prostate using other prostate cancer tests, the doctor would take a biopsy by removing the sample of the tissue from the body for inspection.

The prostate cancer biopsy sample is then inspected by the doctor under a powerful microscope. The purpose of this inspection is to determine whether or not the tumor is benign or malignant.

Benign tumor is tumor that isn’t dangerous to health while malignant tumor is tumor that very dangerous to health and characterized by progressive and uncontrolled growth.

If the doctor finds out through the biopsy that the tumor is benign, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

But if it is malignant, then you have prostate cancer. At this point, your doctor will assign it a stage (whether stage I, stage II, stage III or stage IV- depending on the spread of the prostate cancer).

It is the stage of the prostate cancer that will determine the type of treatment to put the prostate cancer victim on.

Prostate cancer biopsy is very important in this case because without it, it would be very difficult to determine whether the tumor is benign or malignant.

One of the newest methods that is used to test for prostate cancer involve a kind of 3-D mapping. This is a new prostate cancer biopsy method that a grid is put over the prostate of victims to evaluate the amount of the cancer and exactly where it is located. This helps to detect prostate cancer in victims.

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