Colon Cancer and Prostate Cancer Diagnoses

If you are curious about terms such as colon cancer bend over prostate backward, colon cancer bend stretch prostate backward exercise, Mt1 receptor prostate colon cancer and even link colon cancer to prostate cancer, keep reading. This article looks very deeply at the relationship between colon and prostate cancer while comprehensively scrutinizing both of them with a view to helping you understand them more.

You see, the worst part of most types of cancer is that several of them don’t have any early symptoms, and for the most part, they are extremely difficult to discover by the patients suffering from them. Colon or colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer are two very practical examples of such carcinomas that are not very forthcoming in self diagnosis because they both develop slowly, and they both lack apparent symptoms in the early stages. Even the clinical diagnostic techniques for these diseases are similar in several regards.

However, colon cancer and prostate cancer are distinctly different from each other. Colon cancer is malignancy of the large intestine at the lower portion of the intestinal tract, while prostate cancer is the mutation of the cells of the prostate gland, a part of the male reproductive system. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer among Americans, and the second most frequent cause of cancer-related deaths; while prostate cancer is second on the list of killer cancers amongst men in the United States.

Whereas the American Cancer Society believes there to be more than a hundred thousand new cases of colon cancer and forty thousand cases of rectal cancer diagnosed annually, with about 55,000 people, both men and women dying from the condition each year; the estimations for prostate cancer are about three hundred thousand fresh diagnoses each year, and about thirty thousand male deaths from the condition in the United States each year.

Between 80 and 90 percent of colon cancers can be cured, if diagnosed early before extensive metastasis. Because of improved diagnostic techniques, abnormal growths in the lower intestine can now even be removed before they become cancerous. Not so with prostate cancer. This latter condition is harder to diagnose because of its position situated next to the bladder and surrounding the urethra. In order to diagnose either condition in the early stages, the doctor has to reach in with a gloved digit into colon of the patient while the patient bends over, causing folks to mistake one for the other. It’s because of this that you hear folks sometimes use terms like ? colon cancer bend over prostate, colon cancer bend over prostate backward or even colon cancer bend stretch prostate backward exercise. In the case of prostate cancer, they press against the prostate to feel for the cancerous tumor.

Often this initial digital physical examination is insufficient for a conclusive diagnosis because the tumor so felt may very well be benign. For prostate cancer, the oncologist often has to carry out a prostate specific antigen test to determine the level of PSA markers in the blood of the patient, and also to stage the disease and ascribe it a Gleason score. For colon cancer a colonoscopy might be carried out for initial examination, and suspicious tissues can be extracted for detailed examination. For the prostate cancer a biopsy will confirm the diagnosis, and then treatment can begin in earnest.

However, they don’t claim to ‘cure’ prostate cancer; they merely treat the disease to the best that they can. If caught early enough, they have confidence that the disease will not relapse before something else claims the life of the patient, like aging. There is however a 93% survival rate for the disease over a ten-year span, especially after initial treatment at the early stages of prostate cancer. For someone who caught the disease at seventy, well? What do you think?

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