Cancer of the Prostrate Warning Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of prostate cancer are never early, which is a problem because it makes the disease hard to detect, even by the person suffering from the condition. Worse, the individual symptoms of the disorder look sufficiently like the symptoms of other diseases, which could span from prostate disorders to other ailments that affect the body generally. As a result, even though a patient starts to feel them, he might not take them too seriously. However if you can get yourself to a doctor, the doctor will put you through the appropriate tests and ought to be able to diagnose the disease.

Early stage prostate cancer is totally devoid of any known symptoms, which is one of the reasons why the carcinoma is often able to grow quite a bit before it is found and diagnosed. With a detailed test, the doctor can detect it, but few patients are even available for the tests at that time.

When the symptoms start to appear, the patient may find himself urinating more at night, although without really knowing why that is so. In addition, he would strangely find that starting and maintaining a stream of urine is extremely difficult while also being painful. This is often as a result of his prostate gland growing so enlarged that it starts to obstruct the flow of fluid from the bladder or the testicles, to the penis through the urethra.

Soon the cancer starts to migrate out of the prostate gland to the lymphatic system through the bloodstream. Few patients are able to miss the warning signs that come with this, which include pain in sexual intercourse and excruciating pain in ejaculation. By this time, the patient is also able to observe blood in his urine and blood in his semen. Never a good sign? but usually still treatable by prostatectomy and some radiation. Some hormonal therapy might help also to slow cancer progression.

The above are some of the cancer of the prostrate signs and symptoms that should warn one that the cancer is getting dangerously incurable.

Metastatic prostate cancer cells in the bloodstream constitute a major problem for doctor and patient because the blood goes everywhere, and with it the mutated cells. Soon enough there are tumors growing everywhere around the body, especially the bone. The bones start to get brittle as a result of hot and cold spots, and then they begin to hurt not long before they start to fracture. Whoever thought prostate cancer is a pleasant situation to be in should think again.

Late stage or advanced disease is the worst. The cancerous cells start to pile up against the spinal cord in the vertebral column and start to cause other more severe symptoms like loss of continence, fecal and urinary, and leg weakness, to say but the least.

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