Blood Test For Prostate Cancer… And Why You Need To Be Fully Informed.

Many people only do blood test for prostate cancer after silently practicing ‘watchful waiting’ for several years.

As the name implies, watchful waiting is a situation during your prostate cancer where you are instructed to take no action in treating the cancer. I know it might sound odd, but there is a reason for this.

You see, there could be a point with your prostate cancer that the most appropriate option for you is just careful observation. Your doctor would only prescribe treatment when symptoms start to appear.

This condition of watchful waiting is usually for older men whose condition is not serious at all and there is hardly any serious chance of it spreading outside the prostate.

The major advantage of ‘Watchful Waiting’ is to prevent any possible side-effects that might arise with full prostate cancer medications.

But when the prostate cancer has gone beyond the situation for watchful waiting, it is adequate to go for a blood test for prostate cancer.

This blood test for prostate cancer is called PSA test. PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen.

It is a blood test for prostate cancer to measure the levels of a protein the blood called prostate specific antigen. This protein is mostly overproduced by prostate cancer cells.

So, it is necessary to undergo this blood test for prostate cancer because if the prostate cancer is present, there will be an increase of Prostate Specific Antigen levels in the blood of the victim with the prostate cancer.

But if the PSA levels are not high, then there is the high tendency that the victim doesn’t have prostate cancer.

If cancer is detected after the blood test for prostate cancer, the doctor will go ahead and perform a biopsy. This is the process where a tissue sample from the prostate is removed and examined under a microscope, to analyze if the tumor is cancerous or not.

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