Prostate Cancer More Causes Risk Factors – Risk Factors Of Prostate Cancer

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If you are wondering about Prostate Cancer More Causes Risk Factors, you are not alone. There are many causes and risk factors of prostate cancer but what’s most easy to determine are the risk factors, rather than the causes. Even the experts don’t know what causes prostate cancer, to be entirely honest with you.

The risk factors for prostate cancer are three dimensional, but even though they may seem rather glaring in some instances, you should not consider them to be more causes, because they are not. However, you may consider them in either a positive or negative manner as either worsening or improving the chances that you might contract prostate cancer based on your exposure to them, or the nature of it.

One of the risk factors is at age. There aren’t a lot of men who have prostate cancer before the age of forty five or even fifty. This means that even though age does not cause the condition, it does make your chances worse. The fact that the incidence of the disease is higher for men in their sixties and seventies even lends more weight to this fact. However, you cannot stop yourself from growing older besides keeping your body in good form by exercising, so ensure to do lots of exercises. They just might help somewhat.

Secondly, you have to look at how your family history affects you. It is a fact that there is a genetic link in the incidence of the condition from one generation to the next; it’s just that the exact relationship is not determinate. Men whose daddies or granddaddies had prostate cancer have twice the chance that they will have prostate cancer too. This was strongly suggested by experiments that were carried out on the identical twin children of men with prostate cancer. You know there aren’t a whole lot of those, so that results are hard to confirm, but they are real enough. In any case, there are a lot of diseases that have a similar genetic link, so you had better believe it.

Certain medication and medical treatment procedures can affect your chances or developing prostate cancer in a positive or in a negative way. If you use pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications a lot, say on daily basis, you are not likely to have prostate cancer when you grow up. If you take a lot of drugs that are meant to lower your cholesterol level, you also are in luck; however, if you happen to suffer from certain inflammations or infections or sexually transmitted diseases, you are asking for it.

Other factors like your lifestyle, your race, and your diet also influence your chances of developing prostate cancer, so if you take these as Prostate Cancer More Causes Risk Factors, you are right.

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