Biopsy for Prostate Cancer – Important Points to Note

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Biopsy simply means a procedure in which the doctor uses some forms of specialized needles to extract samples of the skin cells for further investigations using a microscope.

This procedure is normally carried out to determine the cause or the level the tissue has been affected by a disease. If the doctor suspects that you could have prostate cancer, then biopsy may be recommended for you.

Although biopsy for prostate cancer may not be a comfortable procedure, its importance in diagnosing prostate cancer cannot be ignored. Here are basic points you should know about biopsy for prostate cancer.

As an opener, when cancer affects the tissues of the prostate gland, it becomes prostate cancer. This is a malignant tumor that originates from the walnut-sized tissue that lies below the bladder and near the rectum of men. The reason why prostate cancer originates is not known but the risk factors are age, ethnicity, diet, family history, etc. The condition causes a lot discomforting symptoms for the man. These discomforting symptoms include: Difficulties for the man in passing out urine, pains in the lower back, pains during urination, pain during ejaculation, etc.

Early diagnosis of prostate cancer can help in providing curative treatments when condition is still in the early stages. Biopsy is one of the early effective treatments for this disease.

Types of biopsy for prostate cancer

There are three types of biopsy usually carried out treat individuals with prostate cancer. These include: the transrectal, the transurethral, and the transperineal biopsies. The transrectal procedure is carried out by extracting prostate tissue through the anus, this is achieved with the use of a needle guided through a transrectal ultrasound (TRUS). The transurethral procedure extracts the tissues through the urethra; a cystoscope is used to assist the doctor. The transperineal biopsy is performed after incisions have been made in the perineum (an area between the anus and the genital organs).

Important facts to note about biopsy for prostate cancer 

It is a more realistic diagnostic means than other tests like the PSA test and the Digital Rectal Exam DRE. It helps to find the level of stage of the cancer in the body. However, there may be need for follow up diagnosis if the initial biopsies did not detect the cancer cells. Your doctor will give you some medications to reduce the pains during and after the treatment.

Finally, biopsy for prostate cancer is very important. However, it is possible for your doctor to ignore the use of biopsy if it is confirmed that the cancer has spread beyond the prostate gland.

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