How Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Can Save Your Life

If you experience certain symptoms like frequent night urination, blood in your urine or semen, pains in your lower back, in your pelvis or in your upper thighs, this could be symptom of cancer.

You need to undergo a prostate cancer diagnosis to determine if indeed you have prostate cancer and what can be done to cure it and save your life.

Many people don’t go through the second stage with hope and optimism.

Don’t be like that. Even when you discover these symptoms, you shouldn’t just throw in the towel but try to see what you need to do about it. First, check with your doctor to conduct screening tests of prostate cancer for you.

As part of your diagnosis, your doctor will perform what is called ‘digital rectal examination’ on you. This is a kind of examination where your doctor will use a gloved finger to gently check the smoothness of your rectal lining- hence the name ‘rectal examination’.

With this examination your doctor can tell if cancer is present in your prostate by checking to see if he can feel a nodule or other types of prostate irregularity.

One of the most important screening tests to be conducted by your doctor during this prostate cancer test is the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test.

This test is used to measure the levels of a protein in the blood called prostate-specific antigen. This protein is usually overproduced by prostate cancer cells. So, if prostate cancer is present, there will be an increase of PSA levels in the blood of the victim.

If after these screening tests cancer is detected in the prostate, the doctor will go ahead and perform what is known as biopsy. This is a process where a tissue sample from the prostate is removed and examined using a microscope.

This biopsy is performed on prostate cancer victims to analyze if the tumor or growth is cancerous or not.

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