Early Symptoms Prostate Cancer – What Are The Early Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer?

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Wondering what are the early signs of prostate cancer or early symptoms of prostate cancer? Prostate cancer affects millions of people in the USA. Statistics have shown that this condition is prevalent in men who are 50 years and above. This is not to say that younger men are not diagnosed of this disease. In the US, more Black Men are being diagnosed of the disease than the Whites and the cause of this is attributable to a number of factors.

It is important to go for early tests and diagnoses so as to detect, manage, and treat the disease in time. If you are asking why this has become necessary, then you must consider the high mortality rate of patients with this condition. Now, what are the early symptoms of Prostate cancer that you need to watch out for? The answer of this question is expatiated below.

The early stage of Prostate cancer which is usually referred to as Stage I does not manifest any visible symptoms of the disease. It is only when the condition has progressed to the advanced stages that symptom begins to appear. A condition known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is detected by tests in the first instance. This condition denotes a situation where the prostate is enlarged and prevents the smooth flow of urine through the bladder or urethra.

In a large number of cases, early symptoms of prostate cancer that are usually detected may include the following:

? The person finds it difficult to urinate
? The person urinates frequently
? The appearance of blood in the semen and urine of the person
? The person has pains when trying to urinate
? The person finds it difficult to initiate or stop the flow of urine.
? The person has difficult or painful ejaculation.

These are some of the early signs and symptoms of prostate cancer from which diagnoses can be made to confirm the disease. If you suspect that you are having a risk factor of this disease (e.g. genetics), then you need to go for periodic check-up. Detecting Prostate cancer early is an important step to get treated fast.

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