Early Signs Of Prostate Problems – Many People Have It All Wrong

The really awful thing about prostate cancer is the absence of any symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Most men may even be aware of the fact that they are at increased risk of developing the mutation and uncontrollable multiplication of the cells of their prostate gland, but while they were waiting for the symptoms to show, the disease could have sneaked up on them and gotten quite advanced in the process.

Prostate cancer is however not the only disorder that may develop in the prostate. More common in fact is the disease called benign prostate hyperplasia, also known simply as prostate enlargement (or an enlarged prostate). This one occurs in up to 80 percent of men that make it to over 70 years old, and generally causes their prostate glands to grow up to seven or eight times their normal size.

The early signs of prostate problems are therefore the same symptoms that a man should look out for. For instance, he should be conscious of the fact that he is urinating more as he grows older. Although this is common enough in all aging men, when it is accompanied by pain in urination, there is likely a problem.

BPH can cause nighttime urination and a feeling or urgency to urinate, while also causing difficulty emptying the bladder and a weak urinary stream. These symptoms are warning signs that one will come across when dealing with advancing prostate cancer.

Other early signs that may indicate the coming of a prostate problem are pelvic pain, problems with urination, discomfort after ejaculation, and lower back pain. They may also include infection, swelling, pain, and difficulty in urinating; the penis may release bacterial fluid, and blood may appear in the urine. These are generally symptoms of prostatitis, which may be bacterial in nature, or nonbacterial. In some cases bacterial prostatitis may even cause severe infections throughout the body, producing a dangerously high fever.

It pays to pay attention to these warning signs because that may be what saves one’s life. An early diagnosis of the disease, whatever it is, is critical to treating it. It may not be prostate cancer, but one such infection is sufficient to increase the risk of prostate cancer several fold. And should the symptoms be those of prostate cancer, well, the sooner the treatment starts, the better.

But concerning prostate cancer, a man should get examined at least once a year in order to catch the disease before it spreads, instead of waiting for the Early Signs Of Prostate Problems.

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