Cancer of The Prostrate Sign To Be Aware Of

There may be those who do not take prostate cancer too seriously but they are not likely to be Americans, because in the United States close to 300,000 men are diagnosed annually with the disease, and about 20,000 die every year either directly from the disease or from complications that stem from it. With statistics like that, it is not likely that anyone will want to ignore the warning signs of prostate cancer; and most especially not if they know that the indicators rarely appear early enough to treat and cure the disease.

But that is precisely it; deadly disease that it is, prostate cancer symptoms rarely appear early because the malignancy itself is a rather slow growing disease by and large When they do appear the indicators generally include frequent urination, increased urination at night, difficulty starting and maintaining a steady stream of urine, blood in the urine, and painful urination. Prostate cancer may also cause problems with sexual function and performance, such as difficulty achieving erection or painful ejaculation.

The forgoing are explained by the fact that the prostate gland surrounds the prostatic urethra, so that changes within the gland directly affect urinary function. The sexual problems also result from the fact that the vas deferens deposits seminal fluid into the prostatic urethra, and secretions from the prostate gland itself are included in semen content.

But it doesn’t end there: prostate cancer signs in the advanced stages occur if and when the cancer happens to spread to other parts of the body and cause additional symptoms. Bone pain is the most common such symptom, usually located in the lower back, ribs, or pelvis. Other bones that often get affected by this include the femur, the phalanges in the feet, and possibly even the skull. Such spread is often to the proximal part of the bone.

And just to prove that it can get worse, prostate cancer cells can metastasize to the inside of the spinal column as well, causing the cells to compress the soft milky whitish mass that is so critical to the central nervous system. Presto, the symptoms of that include weakness, usually in the leg, and loss of continence of the fecal and urinary types. There is talk that it also causes paralysis on the long run.

There isn’t much that can be done for someone with advanced prostate cancer, save to make him feel comfortable and perhaps prolong his life somewhat for whatever purpose.

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