Blood In Urine – Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Signs or Myth

Blood in the urine occurs as one of the relatively few symptoms of prostate cancer that are known. Early stage disease lacks any known warning signs, by the way; and it is only at this point that they start to appear. It doesn’t come first either – it is often precursored by increased urination at night, difficulty starting and sustaining a steady stream of urine, and painful urination. The actual occurrence of the bloody urine is an indication of disease progression, not occurrence.

In prostate cancer, blood in urine may signify that the cancerous cells in the infected organ are starting to migrate into the bloodstream and migrate through it to other regions of the body. This is a stage of the disease that is difficult to treat but in which hope may not be entirely lost. Hormonal therapy can still slow the progression of the disease down sufficiently for it to be treated with a combination brachytherapy and external beam radiation treatment.

However blood in the urine is a common problem referred to generally in the medical community as hematuria, sometimes the sign of a serious problem in the urinary tract, and at other times not really a serious problem and requires no treatment. This is why one needs to blow an alarm upon observing the blood, but instead he should proves to a medical expert for a thorough evaluation. Once this has been carried out a qualified healthcare provider then the way forward would be clear enough.

A trace amount of blood in urine is actually normal because average men typically excrete close to a million red blood cells in a single the urine each day if he has a healthy urinary tract. This amount of urine cannot be seen physically, so really it is no cause for alarm. An abnormal amount of blood in the urine can be acute or chronic, which may occur just once or several times. If a man has prostate cancer, the pain that accompanies it should be substantial. In addition, the patient is likely to see blood in his semen as well, which is a serious enough situation to cause the man to worry.

Certain treatments are meant to palliate advanced stage prostate cancer, which is generally what the blood in semen signifies. A man at a high risk of the disease should know well enough to get that medical test in a hurry. Although there are several screening tests that usually are done to determine if the man has prostate cancer, he may skip them all and head straight for the prostate biopsy. With an examination of the cells of his prostate gland under the miscroscope, they can know precisely how much to worry… and start to decide on treatments.

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