Back Pain and Prostate Cancer – Useful Facts On The Connection

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If you experience continuous pain in your lower back, then that could be a sign that you have prostate cancer.This is more likely if you are above 50 years and have other risk factors associated with this condition.

However, it is to be noted that not all back pains are a result of prostate cancer. This piece brings some useful facts about back pain and prostate cancer.

Basic facts about prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most widely diagnosed cancer after skin cancer, and it is the second highest killer of men after cancer of the lungs. Approximately 1 ion 6 sex men in America are likely to be diagnosed of this condition.

Causes of prostate cancer

The cause of prostate cancer is yet to be detected by researchers have identified certain risk factors. The most obvious risk factors for this condition include: age, family history, ethnic group, lifestyle, and other cancer diseases.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

When a man is diagnosed of this condition, it becomes difficult for him to deal with urination and sexual intercourse. The man will have urgent need to urinate at night; he may have blood in the urine; he may have blood in his semen; he will feel continuous weakness, and he may likely experience back pain.

Back pain and prostate cancer facts

Back pain that arises from prostate cancer is usually due to the fact that the bones have been affected. When the cancerous cells have spread beyond the localized region or the prostate region, this may lead to the bones within the lower part of the body to be affected. The spinal cord may be compressed as a result of this spread. So, when bones in the pelvic regions and the spinal cord have been affected by cancer of the prostate, back pain is likely to occur.

That said, if you suffer from chronic pains that involves other symptoms associated with prostate cancer, then it is important that you see your doctor immediately. Prostate cancer is not the only cause of back pain but it is one cause in many men. Your doctor can provide you with the right diagnoses as well as the very best treatments against the pains and other cancer.

Conclusively, back pain and other symptoms of prostate cancer are not comfortable symptoms you should ignore.  Visit your doctor for proper diagnoses so that early treatment can begin.

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