Advance Prostate Cancer Symptoms

This article looks closely at the symptoms of advanced stage IV metastasized prostate cancer with a view to helping you understand why you need to undergo constant tests for the condition, if you don’t currently have it. As you may already know, the best survival chances for prostate cancer is if the condition is detected in good time, before it spreads.

First things first, advanced prostate cancer can simply be defined as that stage of the disease in which the cancer has spread or metastasized beyond the localized region. This means that the abnormal growth of tumors has affected other tissues and organs in the body, e.g. the nymph nodes, kidneys, livers, etc. This is also known as the stage IV or metastasized stage. It is the worst stage for prostate cancer patients because of the level of risk involved.

Unlike the earlier stage prostate cancer, the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer are evident in the body. Some of these include:

Bone pain

Most people that are diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer often complain of bone pain. The reason for this is not farfetched. At this stage of the disease, cancer tumors have metastasized to other parts of the body and the pelvic bones and spine are affected. If these tissues are affected, then you will definitely experience pain in your bones.

Bloody Urine and Bloody Semen

Another peculiar symptom of advanced metastasized prostate cancer is the passing of urine with traces of blood. This is because when the prostate is infected with tumor, it will get enlarged and this will make it to block the passage between the bladder and the urethra. The difficulty in which urine is initiated will make traces of blood from the inflamed cells to accompany the urine flow. This condition is applicable when seminal fluids are released. They flow through tissues affected with cancer cells.

Other symptoms

However, there are additional advance cancer prostate symptoms. These symptoms include pains in the pelvis, pains in the ribs and pain in the spine, etc. Also, the patients may experience leg weakness and compressed spinal cord as the case might be.
So, the symptoms highlighted above are peculiar with advanced prostate cancer. If you experience any of these symptoms them you need to see your doctor immediately for a comprehensive diagnosis.

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