Zoladex To Treat Prostate Cancer

Whether you want to learn about the Clinical trials in UK Prostate Cancer Casodex Zoladex or the use of Zoladex in advanced prostate cancer or even specifically about Zoladex injections Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate, this article will prove helpful because it looks critically at Zoladex as a treatment for prostrate cancer to give you more understanding of it.

Zoladex is a prostate cancer hormonal treatment drug that is employed as a super agonist in the treatment of primary prostate cancer tumors, preferably in the early stages of the disease. It is comprised of a chemical substance known as goserelin acetate, and otherwise referred to as AstraZeneca in parts of the United States and in other developed countries of the West in which prostate cancer is highly incident and treatment techniques are relatively advanced.

Zoladex is injectable, a gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), also known as a lutenizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) agonist, used to suppress production of the male sex hormone testosterone in the treatment of the disease. Zoladex has also found quite some degree of use in breast cancer treatment because it limits the production of the female sex hormone estrogen.

Cancer cells, it has been found, tend to feed on sex hormones in the human body, especially estrogen for breast cancer, and testosterone for prostate cancer. It is found that as long as this hormone is in full swing in the human body, so is the tumor, and the patient is thus at higher risk of developing metastatic prostate cancer, a problematic stage of the disorder.

This is the concept on which hormonal prostate cancer treatment is based, to shut down the body’s production of testosterone and starve the tumors to death, effectively stopping them from spreading and causing existing tumors to shrink. Once they have shrunk, they may be observed in that manner so as not to risk the potential complications of prostate surgery, or they could be removed by either that surgery, or by radiation therapy.

Using Zoladex to treat prostate cancer is by no means a new thing in the management of the cancerous disease. As a super agonist of the gonadotropin-releasing or the luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (GnRH or LHRH), it may initially result in increased testosterone secretion, but shortly after, inhibit testosterone manufacture is inhibited and the prostate tumors shrink.

This prostate cancer hormone Zoladex drug has to be acquired in the United States only with a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional, and its pack comes with a syringe applicator that is equipped with a protective sleeve, or SafeSystem, to reduce and prevent needlestick injuries to the administering physician.

The choice to administer this treatment is a tough one for the doctor in charge of treating the prostate cancer patient because this kind of hormonal treatment rarely ever completely ‘cures’ the tumor. It shrinks it, and if it is continued the tumor remains shrunk for the greater part of eighteen months or two year. After this, the malignancy becomes resistant to the hormone treatment and could resume growth.

Knowing this, you should discuss what options are best for you to complete your treatment once you have started on Zolodex. It could be the doctor really believes that the cancer will go into complete remission; but it could also be the relapsing type, in which case you might need that surgery or radiotherapy.

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