What You MUST Know About Prostate Cancer Vaccine

With the everyday advancement of modern science and the need to reverse the effect of cancer, there are now prostate cancer vaccines. These vaccines work by altering the victim’s body’s immune system and genetically modifying viruses.

Some of these prostate cancer vaccine work by manipulating the blood cells of the victim’s immune system and then causes them to attack the prostate cancer in the body.

Below is a more detailed explanation of how this happens:

Blood sample will first be drawn from the prostate cancer victim. From this sample, cells that are also part of the victim’s immune system (also called dendritic cells) will then be exposed to the cells that make up the prostate cancer.

Now… this is where it gets interesting.

After exposing the cells that are part of the immune system to those that make up the cancer, the blood cells will then be put back into the body. This is with the hope that this blood cells will cause other immune system cells in the body to work and attack the prostate cancer.

This is one form of prostate cancer vaccines. There is another more traditional type of prostate cancer vaccine in which the victim is injected with a virus that also contains some PSAs.

Being exposed to this virus, the prostate cancer victim’s system becomes sensitized to the cells that contain PSA. At this point, the victim’s immune system is able to attack them.

So, even if you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, it doesn’t have to be the end of your life. Your doctor will have the best guide for you and you might need prostate cancer vaccine to keep you treated of the disease.

Talk to your doctor with the positive mind-set and you can be among the many that have survived prostate cancer using prostate cancer vaccine.

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