The Greatest Reasons In The World For Fighting Prostate Cancer

I was asked one time by a friend when I talked about the importance of fighting prostate cancer with all of your strength-

Is it a battle that you fight? Why not just give up?

I don’t know much about you, but if anything threatens to take my life I have to fight it. And YES, it is a battle… a battle against the forces of prostate cancer. If you just sit by and allow it to have a field day, it will take you out.

And friend, this is the only life I have got. I don’t know if you have got another life apart from this one. But as for me, this is my only chance and only shot on this life.

So, I won’t allow prostate cancer to take me out without a real fight. You shouldn’t too. If you are suffering from prostate cancer right now, I want you to make up your mind that you have to spend every minute of everyday thinking of the best ways of fighting the prostate cancer.

Listen up… if you don’t know this is your only chance or shot at this life. You survived among 40 million other sperms… you are not going to get these odds again.

It is either you live this life to the fullest and fight everything that tries to take you out, or you live a very unfulfilled life.

So, whether you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer or not, you should fight it.

The first step to fighting prostate cancer and winning the battle is to begin with your mind.

You heard me right.

The battle should begin in your mind. Fight those negative thoughts that are springing up every minute telling you to give up and just lay dead.

Replace them with positive thoughts and stories of people who have survived prostate cancer. Tell your mind that YOU will be among those who will survive by fighting prostate cancer.

If you can win the first battle of the mind, then I assure you that YOU will win the battle against prostate cancer.

After this battle of the mind, talk to your doctor on the best medications you should start taking. Then also talk to other people who have survived prostate cancer. Ask them how they did it, what they took, and learn all you can to start your own routine to survive.

Do all these and I assure you that fighting prostate cancer is something you must do and WIN.

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