Side Effects Of Prostate Cancer Androgen Hormone Therapy and Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer

As you already know, prostate cancer is a disease that affects the prostate glands in men. These glands experience abnormal growth of the cells within them and the tumor can spread to other organs of the body like the bones, lymph nodes, and the blood vessels. Statistics have shown that the mortality rate of individuals whose prostate cancer has been diagnosed to reach the advanced stages is very high. This situation is alarming and calls for urgent treatment options.

To recommend or start any kind of treatments for any disease, there is a need to find out about the cause of the disease first. This is equally applicable when diagnosing and treating prostate cancer. To this effect, it has been discovered that prostate cancer is caused by the activity of the male sex hormone-Testosterone in the body. Excess testosterone in the body can form Dihydrotestosterone (DHI), which leads to prostate cancer. To treat prostate cancer caused by this male hormone, the application of Androgen Hormone Therapy is usually carried out.

Androgen Hormone Therapy is applied on a prostate cancer patient by the issuing of pills to the patients on a daily basis. The drugs or pills tend to inhibit the production of DHT in the body. Some of the drugs that are commonly applied for this purpose are Eulixin, Casodex and Niandron.

forms of this treatment may include the use of estrogen (the female sex hormone) on the patient. Medical researchers have endorsed androgen hormone therapy as one of the ways to treat prostate cancer; yet, it can be effectively combined with Radical Prostatectomy (a surgical removal of the affected prostate gland). Below are some of the side effects of this treatment procedure.

Men who have undergone prostate cancer treatment by the inhibition of the DHT usually complain of the following side effects: reduced libido or the lack of desire to have sex; impotence, hot flashes (which may be due to the intake of estrogen related medication); nausea, weakening of bones-otherwise known as Osteoporosis etc. They are so many other side effects of this treatment but the few listed in this paragraph are the common ones.

In conclusion, it should be noted that different individuals experience different levels of side effects based on the disposition of their body to the treatment. A doctor is in the best position to recommend this treatment for you so that he will be able to detect the possible complications of the side effects of the treatment on your body. Do not be discouraged because it might help you to fight the spread of prostate cancer.

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