Prostate Cancer Treatment at University of Colorado Medical Center

1961: Legislature voted $15.6 million to start the expansion of the Colorado University medical center. The ceremonies for groundbreaking were held in November of that year, and over the next five years, the building program commenced. Completed, the top floor of its new hospital and clinical research wing now houses the Eleanor Roosevelt Center for cancer research, which itself had received a $300,000 grant in March of the same year. Shortly after, The National Science Foundation pledged another $750,000 to add a floor, and to install all kinds of cancer patient facilities.

That was close to sixty years ago, and I know you must have heard about the facility yourself by now, as a red blooded American. If there is one thing I know about Americans and grant givers, they don’t give money to projects that they have little or no confidence in; and this facility has more than proved its worth over the past half century. About the same time as the donations were made, several researchers began to discover a lot of new truths in cancer treatment.

It was found that genetic material contained in some viruses could trigger a cancerous condition, and by 1975, American virologists J. Michael Bishop and Harold Eliot Varmus showed that the viral oncogene ? a cancer-promoting bit of genetic material ? was actually a copy of normal genetic material within the host cell, championing the realization that genes played a great role as causal ingredients for prostate cancer. Somehow, very long ago, this bit of hereditary material involved in the regulation of cell growth had been slightly altered and integrated into the genetic code of the virus.

Naturally, a lot of research has ensued in the medical community, based on this information realized; and the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine was not to be left behind. Soon after, they found the encoded protein that influenced prostate cancer. It was Raymond L. Erikson and his colleagues that provided this huge step in the understanding that the world has for treatment of all kinds of cancer today, and for several researches that are still ongoing at this time.

Today, if you are looking to find the proper treatment for your prostate cancer, it gets no better than the University of Colorado Hospital because of all the doctors and equipment, and knowhow that they posses. Even though there remain many unanswered questions on the disease, specifically the causes and cures, better and better ways are being realized to treat and even cure the disease.

That aside, improved diagnostic processes are surfacing all the time: DRE and PSA tests are still in force, but because of their invasiveness, non invasive methods of prostate tumor detection like the application of adenoviruses modified to transfect tumor cells with harmless yet distinct genes; molecular PCA3 tests; a new blood test for early prostate cancer antigen-2 (EPCA-2); and prostate mapping, a method of diagnosis which may be accurate in determining the precise location and aggressiveness of cancer, are all being considered in their test phases.

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