Pills and Medications Effective In Prostate Cancer Treatments

There are actually certain pills that are effective in the treatment of prostate cancer, which are often used in various forms of therapy that are meant to cure the condition or to provide some form of palliation for a patient with advanced stage disease. Some of the more common pills are parts of hormonal therapy for the condition which may be applied either in early stage or advanced prostate cancer.

These pills are meant to interfere with the body’s production of testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which in some manner have been implicated as promoting the growth of the disease.

Pills in hormonal therapy include GnRH agonists and antagonists and drugs like toremifene, which has shown promise in early trials; and finasteride and dutasteride, which have been known to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT. And for prostate cancer cells that have proven resistant to hormonal therapies, another drug like abiratone acetate is currently in study, showing great promise in phase II trials, and looking for an early 2011 FDA approval.

According to writer Daniel Martin, British researchers made the dramatic breakthrough against lethal forms of prostate cancer in trials of the new pill that shrinks tumors in up to 80 per cent of cases. The excitement at the possibility of ending the need for damaging chemotherapy and radiotherapy brings with it a heady feeling. Experts hail it as perhaps the biggest advance in prostate cancer research in decades, and team leader, Dr Johann de Bono, thinks patients can control the prostate cancer only four abiratone acetate pills a day, and very few side-effects.

Calcitriol, a pill made from a form of vitamin D, also appears to be doing wonders both in the treatment of prostate cancer, and as a preventive measure for the disease. Calcitriol, already approved as prescription medication, can be taken also without much fear for side effects because it is basically a natural supplement that the body is in need of.

A daily dose reduces PSA levels, an indicator or the severity of the disease, by as much as half in patients diagnosed with advanced stage disease. John Neate of the Prostate Cancer Charity however says that “the role of supplements in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer is an area which deserves a greater level of research attention.”

And there are drugs like flutamide and casodex, all forms of hormone treatments for prostate cancer, which have their side effects but which may also be used to treat the disease. These medications mostly can only be gotten with prescriptions, so the doctor will have to be handy.

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