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Recently I was reading about prostate cancer research when I discovered an exciting information about prostate cancer. I am sure you too will find this information equally revealing and exciting.

You see, since I turned 40 years I have taken very good care to ensure that I know all that needs to be known about prostate cancer. It is only this knowledge that can save me from staying alive from prostate cancer.

Being a black African American male and having lost one of my uncles to the disease, I knew I had to be more cautious or risk losing my life too to this disease.

But I digress…

The recent prostate cancer research associated the development of prostate cancer with a newly identified virus known as XMRV. This XMRV, as concluded by the recent prostate cancer research, is an infectious agent not only in humans but closely related to the virus in mice that causes leukemia for them.

The findings of this recent prostate cancer research are based on the screening conducted on prostate tumor samples from some 85 men with prostatectomy with a DNA ViroChip which contained the genetic sequences of about 5,000 viruses of humans.

The prostate cancer research identified this XMRV virus that it could be transmitted through sexual intercourse with infected victim. And once infected, it could lead to a chronic inflammation of the prostate – possibly resulting in prostate cancer.

The prostate cancer research team concluded with good news that if prostate cancer can be caused by this XMRV virus, then its action and growth can be cancelled with a specially targeted drug or vaccine!

However, they ended by saying more research should be done to confirm their findings, because this could be the very first time that an evidence has been produced that connects a virus with prostate cancer.

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