Millions Of People Don’T Know About Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy

Why should you continue to believe people who say because you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer you can’t keep going to work anymore?

Listen… prostate cancer is a disease that can’t take you out instantly. It gives you all the time you need to live. And if well taken care of it can be curbed and won’t bring you down like other cancers would.

One of the ways of treating prostate cancer is the prostate cancer hormone therapy.

This is a treatment method that decreases the supply or blockage of the action of the male hormones (also known as androgens), such as the testosterone that is responsible for encouraging the growth of the cancer in the prostate.

There are however 3 main types of this hormonal therapy. These are-

Orchidectomy (also known as surgical castration)- This is the surgical removal of the prostate cancer victim’s testes that produce 95% of the body’s testosterone.

The idea behind this surgical removal of the testis is that since the major source of the testosterone, by depriving the cancer cells of testosterone, the cancer could shrink. This way it would prevent further growth of the tumor.

Medical Castration- This is a treatment using luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonists (LHRHa’s).

Examples of these are goserelin -‘Zoladex’, leuprolide. This is a good treatment of prostate cancer that works by stopping the production of the male hormones from the testicles.

Non-Steroidal Anti-androgens- This hormonal treatment such as bicalutamide -‘Casodex’ flutamide works by blocking the action of and prevent testosterone from working in the body.

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