Immune Therapy for Prostate Cancer – The Truth

This article contains very important truths about prostate cancer immune therapy. Just like hormonal therapy is a treatment procedure that manipulates your own hormonal or endocrine system in order to treat you for one thing or the other, immune therapy is likewise a treatment procedure in which your immune system is manipulated in order to treat you of some ailment or the other. You don’t want to get the wrong impression here, immune therapy, or immune treatment, or immunotherapy, is by no means an entirely innovative process, but one that has been around for a while, finding more and more use in the management of several diseases that plague mankind. Its application in the treatment of prostate cancer is however relatively new, and is still largely in developmental stage, although it shows more than just promise with respect to the instances in which it has been applied already.

Prostate cancer immune therapy is pretty much done in the same as way as any other kind of immune therapy, save in the part of the drugs that are administered ? the drugs boost your body’s immune system to fight the cancers off by itself. It relies on several antibodies, which are all naturally occurring proteins that are dedicated to defending your body against invasion by foreign substances. In one kind of prostate cancer immunotherapy, the antibodies are used to attack the tumor cells directly; in another kind, the antibodies simply deliver toxic agents like radioactive substances or drugs, to selectively target and harm malignant prostate cancer cells.

In certain cases, specialized monoclonal antibodies are produced scientifically in a laboratory and used to fight off the cancer through application to your body; and in certain other cases of immune therapy, interferon is applied, which is a naturally and synthetically produced protein that fights all kinds of disease-causing agents in the body. Interferon is administered to slow the growth of the prostate tumor cells in patients to prevent metastasis, and then it stimulates the immune system to attack them. And a third form of immune system therapy uses interleukin-2 to stimulate some kind of immune cell which attacks cancerous tissue. Interleukin-2 is a naturally occurring immune system chemical that that can be trusted in this regard.

A fourth form of immunotherapy employs colony stimulating factors to help and regulate the production of white blood cells in your body to enable your body better combat the disease, and that is not all. As earlier stated, immunotherapy is not yet a perfected technique and a lot of research and study is still ongoing concerning its application in the treatment of prostate cancer patients.

It is understood how the world can be impatient to get the ‘all-clear’ on this treatment approach, but that would be jumping the gun if all is not well with research results. What’s to say someone will not be making a critical error very soon that could hurt somebody; what’s to say that there aren’t some side effects of the treatment that aren’t yet known? What is good is worth waiting for; in the time being, talk to your doc and let him find you the best known treatment for your prostate cancer.

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