Highlights on Drugs Administered As Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer treatments are more often than not administered depending on the type of cancer, the stage and the physical disposition of the patient.

One of the most popular treatments administered to prostate cancer patients is chemotherapy. This treatment is usually applied to patients with advanced, bone metastatic or hormone refractory cancer.

It can be applied independently or in combination with other medications such as surgery, radiation therapy, or Cryotherapy.

Chemotherapy is applied in small but frequent doses. It could be introduced into the body as injections or as oral medications. In some cases, the doctor may use a venous device access to introduce the medications right through veins of the patients so that the fastest action can take place. This machine is placed on top of the skin and tubes from it connect to the vein where the medication passes through. You can find out more information about this chemotherapy device from your doctor.

The following are some of the chemotherapy drugs that have been approved or that can be used by doctor to treat advanced cancer of the prostate:

  • Estramustine Phosphate (Emcyt) – This is a drug that comes as capsules. It is taken orally one or two hours before meals. You can take it with water or with dairy products. Estramustine Phosphate is an alkylating agent.
  • Doxorubin (Adriamycin) – This a medication administered as intravenous. It has the potency of inhibiting protein production and works by binding the DNA of the cell. However, care is always taken when administering this drug because if it escapes from the brain, it can result to swelling around the injection site, redness and severe pain.
  • Mitoxantrone (Novantrone) – this medication is administered in the form of injection. It is one of the groups of chemotherapy drugs called antineoplastics. When combined with other drugs like prednisone, it helps to treat inflammation of cells.
  • Other popular chemotherapy drugs you may want to know include Vinorelbine, Carboplatin, Doxetaxel, and Etoposide (VP-16).

The side effects of chemotherapy drugs

Just as most treatment come with side effects, chemotherapy drugs also come with their own complications.  The side effects of chemotherapy drugs could be dangerous and they may include impotence and incontinence, pains, redness, hair loss, skin irritation, etc.

Conclusively, the above are just brief hints on types of drugs administered to patients that have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. These drugs highlighted above are chemotherapy drugs and they come with some side effects. You should talk to your doctor about the risks and benefit of using any of the above listed medications.

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