Here’S What I Found About Prostate Cancer Drugs That You Might Not Be Aware Of

The type of prostate cancer drug to take is mostly dependent on the type or stage of prostate cancer.

Localized types of prostate cancer can be treated with hormones and anticancer drugs. These types of hormones and anticancer drugs are known to help in shrinking the prostate tumor considerably.

Apart from shrinking, they also help to suppress the ability of the cancer to metastasize (that is spread to other surrounding tissues).

There are also other powerful prostate cancer drugs that can help to considerably slow the growth of the cancer after it has spread beyond the prostate.

That is why I always tell prostate cancer victims that all hopes is not lost even after been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.

Talk to your doctor to know the best prostate cancer drug to take that have the power to not only shrink the prostate cancer but also help in stopping or slowing its growth to other parts of your body.

The danger of prostate cancer arises when it spreads to other parts of the body, outside the prostate. If it can be controlled before it spreads outside the prostate, there is a high chance of survival.

Some of the prostate cancer drugs are known to stop the hormone production in the body so that the cancer would have no help from the hormones in growing.

Others are Androgen blockers that block the production of testosterone and other male hormones that the cancer needs to grow.

Without these hormones, the cancer’s chances of growing beyond the prostate to other parts of the body are greatly reduced.

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