For Anyone Who Takes Prostate Cancer Medicines

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When taking your prostate cancer medicines, below are some guidelines to help you make the best of it.

? The first most important condition to taking your prostate cancer medicines is to strictly follow your doctor’s instructions. Don’t take the medicines anyhow you want to, but read and abide by the instructions of your doctor. If your doctor stipulates that you take your prostate cancer medicines after meal, then don’t take them before meal. It could be that it needs the food to be able to work well and not give you any sort of stomach upset. Also, if your doctor stipulates that you take 2 tablets twice daily, don’t take 1 tablet once daily or 3 tablets thrice daily.

? When taking your prostate cancer medicines, ensure that you don’t chew or crush them unless stipulated by your doctor. Also, don’t break the tablets or capsules before taking them. It could be that the prostate cancer medicines have special coating on them and will work only if properly swallowed whole.

? Make sure you religiously take your prostate cancer medicines on a daily basis (or as prescribed by your doctor). Don’t miss one or more days because of forgetfulness of laziness. Your survival as a prostate cancer victim at this stage depends largely on your prostate cancer medicines and how you take them. So, you need to cooperate with the process by taking the medicines as at when due.

? Lastly, make sure you don’t stop taking your prostate cancer medicines… even when you feel tired to death of taking them. I know the time will come when you will feel very tired of taking them, but if you really want to save yourself, then you need to cooperate with the process. Nothing good comes easy, so if you don’t want to die from prostate cancer, then it is your responsibility to continue to take your medicines and continue to do all that will keep you alive for much longer.

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