Abiraterone Prostate Cancer – Interesting Facts about This Drug

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If you want to information about abiraterone prostate cancer then you could be trying to get facts about abiraterone. This is a drug that is used to treat advanced metastatic prostate cancer.

It was developed in the UK and has been approved by in the US by the FDA. There are some interesting facts you really should know about this drug and these are highlighted below.

Abiraterone is also known as Zytiga, Abiraterone Acetate, or CB7630.It comes in tablet form and is taken once in a day in combination of steroid like prednisone. The aim of the steroid is to inhibit inflammation of cells. Zytiga is used to treat men who have prostate cancer that is termed metastatic.

Metastatic prostate cancer is the type of prostate cancer that has spread beyond the confines of the prostate gland. The first line of treatment for this stage of cancer is the administration of hormone therapy. This is treatment procedure administered to block androgen or testosterone in the body. The reason for administering hormone therapy is based on the discovery that testosterone stimulates the growth of prostate cancer.

At some point in time some of the hormonal treatments used may no longer be effective to treat prostate cancer, then need for second line medications like Abiraterone becomes necessary.

The use for abiraterone in treating cancer of the prostate

Abiraterone is used a second line hormonal treatment for prostate cancer that has resisted first line treatments. In other words, this medication can help to treat castration-resistant prostate cancer or hormone-refractory prostate cancer. Thus, when prostate cancer is no longer responding to androgen blockers, abiraterone can be introduced by the doctor.

It works by blocking an enzyme called cytochrome P17 (CYP17) which stimulates the production of the androgen or testosterone in the body. Also for men who had undergone chemotherapy treatments using Docetaxel, Abiraterone could be used as a re-treatment option.

The effectiveness of abiraterone in prostate cancer

Several studies have shown the effectiveness of abiraterone as a treatment for prostate cancer. In a clinical trial, it was discovered increase the average survival rates of men by four months. The report of the study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on May 26, 2011.

Finally, in the UK, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) had early banned abiraterone as part of the treatments issued on the National Health Service (NHS). This decision was based on cost factors. However, public outcries, NICE rescinded its decision after the manufacturer has discounted the cost.

You can consult with your doctor for more information on abiraterone prostate cancer.

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