Prostrate Cancer Diet In Fighing The Condition

If you think that treating prostate cancer is restricted to the use of treatments and medications or surgical options then you are wrong. There are other ways of treating this type of cancer which do not fall under these categories.

The use of the right diet for prostrate cancer is very effective in ensuring that victims of prostate cancer get some respite. Yes, you can go for some special diet for person with prostate cancer or a combination of diets to prevent you from being a patient of this and even other types of cancers.

On the general scale, most researches reveal that your diets should contain more of vitamins and selenium so as to reduce the growth of cancer cells in the prostate. Vitamin E is very effective and helps to slow down the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate. Selenium found in high quantity in Brazil nut is quite helpful when it comes to slowing prostate cancer.

Note that you need to take supplement of selenium in about 200 microgram dosage per day. Yes, this is necessary especially if you cannot get hold of Brazil nuts. Talk to the right pharmacist or your doctor for help with this. Most pharmacists will sell or recommend you to the right sources where you can buy selenium supplements.

Another diet that researches do recommend to fight prostate cancer is one rich in Soy products. The need for this boils from the fact that Isoflavones found in Soy products can inhibit cancerous tumors. You can use soymilk which is often sold in super stores all around you.

Tomatoes contain lycopene that inhibits cancerous cells. You need to eat more of cooked tomatoes instead of the supplement form so as to get full benefit of tomatoes. You can also take more of vitamin foods. This is because vitamins help to form more bones in your body and prevents prostate cancer.

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