Prostate Cancer Herbal Treatment With Tomatoes and Herbs

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It is not all the time that the treatment of prostate cancer must involve the use of conventional procedures like chemotherapy, radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy. There are other ways from which you can get treatment for this condition if you don’t have to worry about the stress of subjecting yourself to the conventional procedure. This article will show you two options that will help you to treat or prevent prostate cancer if you are seeking for a solution.

These options are eating tomatoes and taking herbal solutions. Tomatoes are food vegetables that can be cooked or prepared as sauces. They contain certain substance referred to as Lycopene. These substances act as antioxidants to the body and help to get rid of free radicals in the tissues of the body. Many researches have revealed that cancer cells can develop in the body because of free radicals but with the presence of antioxidants, they are inhibited. Thus, Lycopene as an antioxidant neutralizes cancer cells and prevents the spread of the tumor.

You must include more tomatoes in your meals if you want to use them to treat prostate cancer. The good news is that Lycopene found in tomatoes is not destroyed in whatever form that you have the vegetable. To this effect, you can consume tomatoes in their raw state, as a sauce or when cooked with other foods.

Herbal treatments for preventing prostate cancer are many. Yes, there are so many types of herbs that are used especially those whose origin could be traced to ancient Chinese medicine. The popularity of using herbs for treating cancer has grown over the years because of their potency and minimal side effects. Herbs help to inhibit the level of testosterone (the male sex hormone) in the body. Excess testosterone can convert to Dihydrotestosterone ? DHT, which studies have revealed to form cancer cells in the prostate. Herbs can also help to boost the immune system.

Some of the popular herbs used in treating prostate cancer include ? Saw Palmetto, Gui Zhi, Lu Lu Tong, Patrinia, and so on. They can be taken on their own or with combination of other medication.

Treating prostate cancer with tomatoes and herbs is very effective and has been accepted in Asia, Europe and America. Many medical experts have equally given a thumb-up for these treatment options. Talk to your doctor before opting for any of these options.

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