Pomegranate Juice Prostate Cancer – See How it May Help Treat Your Cancer

The known conventional treatments for prostate cancer are active surveillance or watchful waiting, hormonal therapy, various surgeries (prostatectomy, orchiectomy, cryosurgery), radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. In addition to them, certain remedies are being considered and which are still in the research and clinical trials phases, include immunotherapy and high intensity focused ultrasound; even cryosurgery with all its hype and promise is not yet perfected. But if these were sufficient, there would hardly be need for any further testing and clinical trials in the effort to find a cure for prostate cancer, or would there? So you know that there is still room for more knowledge.

In the treatment of prostate type of cancer, oncologists are interested not only in making the tumors go away, but reducing the level of certain antigens in the blood of the patients that they are treating. Although the presence of the prostate specific antigen (PSA) is not conclusive evidence that a patient is suffering from prostate cancer, the fact remains that its level is heightened for men who are in advanced stages of the malignancy. In that regard, a lot of research is still ongoing in the efforts to find single agents that may reduce PSA, slow or slow its doubling times in men with localized cancer of the prostate.

Thankfully they have found pomegranate juice, also called genistein, which is an isoflavone that is found in various legumes. This substance in short term trials has already been shown to have similar effects on secondary markers, and one study actually demonstrated that drinking as many as two glasses of the same pomegranate juice daily was beneficial partly because the produce is high in polyphenols.

There is however more studies in progress. For instance, there is one in which a group of mice were kept in water, and another group in pomegranate. The cancer tumors in the mice in water grew faster than those of the mice in the fruit juice, which is very encouraging. It is agreed that humans have not yet been incorporated into this testing to the fullest capacity just yet, but you can tell for yourself that things are looking good. It is not known, in fact, what part of the juice is responsible for slowing tumor growth, but scientists have alluded to antioxidant properties in the polyphenolic compound that are believed to be more effective than what you might get in green tea and red wine.

It is based on this that even more researchers have delved into this study, specifically to determine the effect of “pomegranate juice for men with rising prostate-specific antigen following surgery or radiation for prostate cancer,” amongst other things. This was in particular one study conducted by researchers Pantuck, AJ, Leppert JT, and Zomorodian N, with a few other specialists back in 2006 after an initial study. It goes without saying that we may need to stay with our fingers crossed while they perfect and collate their results. In the meantime, we might need to work with the fact that the fruit juice is indeed medicinal for prostate malignant tumor patients, and as a preventive measure.

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