Non Surgical Treatment of Enlarged Prostate – How to Treat Prostate Cancer By Using Non-Medical Methods

Someone once told me – If you think that prostate cancer can only be treated with medications, then you are not being realistic. Going further he said that there are non-medical ways to effectively prevent or treat this alarming cancer that affects men who are more than 50 years old. The paragraphs below will throw more light on his reasons for saying that and will show you some non-medical methods that can be recommended for prostate cancer patients.

There are certain diets that can help you to avoid the abnormal growth of cells in your prostate. These diets help to introduce certain anti oxidants properties into your body which would get rid of toxins that forms into cancer cells in your body.

To this effect, physicians do recommend foods that are rich in fiber and have low fats. Foods like rice, Brussels, broccoli, fish, vegetables, fruits, oysters, and cabbage are recommended for you since they can boost your immune system naturally and prevent the possibility of toxic substances to form cancerous tumors in the prostate.

Exercising your body in a certain way is another method you can use to treat prostate cancer without applying medications. Exercises help blood to properly circulate around your body so that every cell, tissue and organ functions very well.

If the cells of the prostate do not have enough blood supply in them, prostate enlargement may develop because of the chemical imbalance created by poor transportation of nutrients to that area. Also, exercise will help the body to relax and prevent stress that may trigger cancer of the prostate. Yoga, Tai chi and aerobic exercises will do.

Taking supplements of selenium, Lycopene, vitamins C, vitamins D, vitamins E, and the mineral zinc will also help you to treat prostate cancer. These substances can inhibit the conversion of Testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes cancer.

These are non-medical and non surgical treatment methods of treating prostate cancer. However, their application depends on the level of the symptoms. It will be good if your doctor recommends any for you.

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