Most Potent Phytosterol for Prostate Cancer As Herbal Treatment

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The doctors don’t have all the answers, and you must be coming to that realization all too suddenly by now. They are great care people, and Lord knows they do what they can to keep you alive and comfortable, and to live out the life that you are almost losing to prostate cancer, giving you the chance to say your goodbyes and enjoy the last few years of your life. It’s priceless, but you are human and you want more: it’s only human.

You want to heal from the prostate cancer without the side effects that are almost a constant when you undergo the treatment. You have had to deal with the pain and all the other symptoms of the disease, and now, after the treatment, you don’t want to deal with urinary incontinence, or blisters and sores, or impotence, or more pain, or inability to hold your bowel movements, or any of that. You are human and you want more!

And yes, you can have more; you can cure prostate cancer through various alternative medications ? herbs and the likes? that you only have to be very meticulous with to make your life a livable experience once again. You could try the saw palmetto, or the American ginseng; you could do corn silk as often as you can lay your hands on it, or else you might prefer pumpkin seed extract, that tones your bladder muscles and relaxes the sphincter mechanism to re-congest the prostate; or the essiac, or the uva ursi, or soy isoflavones. Darn, there really are so many of them.

I have a particular liking for phytosterols for prostate cancer treatment, which is even helpful in prostate cancer prevention. You see, it was the way my Uncle was finally able to beat his prostate cancer after he got diagnosed some four years ago. The most potent phytosterols ? found in the Pygeum Africanum ? was what the native doctor prescribed when we approached him. I had never heard of the thing, but he sent us off in the right direction. Invariably, we found the herd in some store in the metropolis and we started to use it the way the Native American spirit doctor had prescribed to treat my Uncle’s prostate cancer.

The Pygeum Africanum inhibits the biosynthesis of prostaglandins because it is rich in phytosterols. The prostaglandins are fatty acid derivatives that are found in almost every living tissue of the human being, affecting many essential physiological functions. They are interestingly responsible for prostate inflammation, and the phytosterols work by helping to reduce the size of the prostate, block the production of the prostaglandins, and thus promote normal urination and reduce cholesterol deposits in the prostate that can occur with benign prostate hypertrophy.

I had no clue what that was all about when I first read it either, but my uncle is still alive and kicking, and the prostate cancer he had has gone into complete remission. The doctors say we still have a year to watch out for the disease to relapse, but I’m already feeling like I’ve got the rest of my? his lifetime. I take the pygeum africanum as a herb with my morning tea now; I have a feeling it will keep me going.

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