More Alternative Medicine Cures For Prostate Cancer

Cures offered for prostate cancer by alternative medicine sometimes appear more reliable than those offered by conventional interventions and approaches to dealing with the malignancy; and indeed they may be, as they certainly have a such a positive influence on the spate of the patient diagnosed with the syndrome. Essentially and ironically, they happen to play around the risk factors of prostate cancer in an interesting manner, which therefore lends credence to their authenticity.

DIET – diet is one of the risk factors of prostate cancer, and it also may be used manipulatively as a means to cure the syndrome if managed properly. Certain foods increase your risk of developing the mutant condition in the cells of your prostate, and certain others lower your risk of prostate cancer. For all intents and purposes, the same foods that lower your risk of prostate cancer also help you cure from the disease. You have to do away with processed foods and high calorie meals that you don’t need; you should get rid of the vitamin A palmitate and all that red meat you have been consuming, and you should start to do a lot more of vitamins D and E, with a lot of fibrous and non fibrous fruit and vegetables. As a matter of fact, if you already have a prostate cancer diagnosis, you might want to swear yourself unto a vegan diet and allow yourself only fish. Without doubt, your blood PSA levels will start to fall if you keep it up for a good while.

LIFESTYLE AND EXERCISE – it is a simple yet complex relationship between exercise and most disease under the sun, but the bottom line is simply that exercise generally keeps diseases away. If you were to exercise more, you would improve the rate at which the blood was flowing through your veins and arteries, serving to the various parts of your body that sustain your health and clean your body of cancer causing agents. This works both as a preventive and a curative technique because shortly after you begin to exercise well even after a diagnosis, your prostate specific antigen levels also drop.

CHIROPRACTIC CURES – actually, chiropractic interventions for prostate cancer only work best in a precautionary and deterrent capacity, and not so much as a cure for the melanoma. It works by manipulating and adjusting bone and tissue, particularly in the spinal column, using a variety of manual, mechanical, and electrical treatments. Because they are drug-free, non-surgical management techniques, there is zero risk of complications or side effects from a chiropractic cure to prostate cancer. Even other diseases – bladder infections, arthritis, depression – they all respond to the treatment.

CULINARY HERBS – there are a few culinary herbs and produces that may be helpful against prostate cancer, especially pomegranate juice, which is already finding use in a medical capacity. Others include flaxseed, pygeum Africanum, and a number of others.

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