Is Wheatgrass Juice Good for Prostate Cancer

There are a lot of herbs and parsleys that are incredible in the alternative treatment of prostate cancer, some of which I could and will mention for you. However, you should not be so eager to go all out for them that you would hurry and administer the wrong prostate cancer intervention before you have had a chance to speak with a doctor or someone proficient in the administration of such medication or treatment; you could end up doing more damage to yourself, and that does not go very well with the prognosis for your suffering, does it?

Wheatgrass, for instance is a health drink that is made from pulp shoots. In the United States, and in several countries around the world, wheat grains are sprouted to a height close to seven inches, and then they are cut, and then pulped to produce your highly nutritious juice that is drunk in small quantities. Through this all, one thing you must learn about this substance is that it is produced from wheat grains ? edible, and also used for making bread, pasta, and other foods; and also believed to contribute to health and cancer prevention by some in the medical community.

For clarity, I should inform you that wheat products, especially wheat germ oil, are rich in vitamin E content, which has incredible antioxidant properties. Antioxidants counter the dangerous oxidation effect of free radicals in the human body when they attempt to balance their electric charge by stealing electrons from neighboring molecules. This is considered to be one of the reasons why cancer develops in human beings, so that a diet of foods high in antioxidants like vitamins C and E, found in oranges and broccoli, and in wheat-germ oil and sunflower seeds, respectively, is associated with a decreased risk of various forms of cancer and certainly heart disease.

What you need to know is that the results of several of these studies are hugely inconclusive, leading researchers to continue their investigations into the potential benefits of antioxidants. In recent times however, the relationship between nutrition and cancer is more widely recognized, and an unhealthy diet ? one that is made up of too many processed foods, red meat, high fat, and vitamin A palmitate ? is now believe to contribute to the high incidence of the disease in the United States. On the contrary, a vegan diet, rich with vitamins D and E, and with allowance for some fish and seafood, is considered to lower the risk of the carcinoma.

But considering the question about how helpful wheatgrass may be in prostate cancer intervention, either as a preventive measure or as a treatment, the fact is that there is no conclusive evidence to that piece of information. Beyond the fact that the drink is made from a plant with therapeutic properties, all that there is, is speculation. However, there are physicians and a lot of cancer specialists who go out on a limb to administer treatments that aren’t sanctioned by overseeing medical bodies because of experiences they have had. Such health practitioners may suggest that wheatgrass is good for prostate cancer, and since there is nothing that points to that being wrong, you might want to include it in your prostate cancer remedies. Who knows, it might not be wrong (even if it’s not entirely right) to say wheatgrass benefits prostate cancer.

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