How to Fight Prostate Cancer And Win… like Prostate Cancer Conqueror Les Brown

If you know the popular American motivational speaker, Les Brown, you will know that he is a prostate cancer conqueror for several years. I like to tell all those who have been diagnosed with the condition – if Les Brown and lots of other people all over the world were able to survive prostate cancer, you can as well. It’s just a matter of first believing that you CAN, then going all out to do all you can to survive it.

You see, when Les Brown was diagnosed and given a limited prognosis, he didn’t just go back home and “anticipate” his death. Nope. He FIRST spent time motivating himself with the reality that he’s still alive. And when one is still alive, one can fight. And fight he did.

He immediately sprung into action in finding out whether others have survived prostate cancer, despite being given limited prognosis like him. He was able to find lots of survivors, then he made up his mind that since others before him had survived, then he too would do everything he could to survive.

He spent time finding out exactly what they did to survive. He then proceeded to doing the same things. Of course he did his own due diligence before all that, but the point was that he drew his inspiration from the other survivors. That’s exactly what you should do too – draw some inspiration from other people who have survived this condition and tell yourself that if they could survive it, you can survive it as well. Heck, even if just one person has ever survived prostate cancer, then that’s a sign that you also have hopes of surviving it.

And note that I am not just talking about early stage prostate cancer. There are lots of people who have also survived the advanced stages of this cancer. You can read more about such people in the many other articles on this website. We even covered a list of the popular prostate cancer survivors in this article.

Finally, don’t think that Les Brown survived prostate cancer because he is a motivational speaker and so could motivate himself but you can’t motivate yourself. That’s wrong thinking. He’s no special than you. He’s a human like you and he was also really scared at the beginning when the doctors told him he had little time to live. He cried like you and he was confused like you. But after sometime, he dust himself up and made a FIRM commitment that he would do everything within his power to survive. And he did.

You can as well, if you dust yourself up right now and make a FIRM commitment that you will do everything, humanly possible, to survive this prostate cancer!

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