Herbal Prostrate Cancer Treatment – The Use of Peppers

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It’s sad that you don’t get to hear it on the television and in the news as much these days, but it really is about time that folks started to take drastic steps about what is in their news. For crying out loud, they are this close to finding the cure for prostate cancer, and most Americans aren’t even aware of it!

Perhaps you don’t remember that prostate cancer is one of the worst man killer cancers in the United States, shoving a hefty twenty-something thousand men under its belt every passing year, which actually is a reduction from what there was back in the nineties when more widespread screening, better diagnostics, and improved treatments did not avail as they do today.

But that is soon to be an old tale, especially since it has been determined that hot peppers ? wait for it ? actually have the capacity to cure prostate cancer!

I have to help you understand how prostate cancer works. The malignancy of the cells that results in the tumor is because for some yet unknown reason, the cells begin to avoid the programmed cell death (or apoptosis) that is supposed to be the culmination of their life cycles. Instead, the cells start to mutate and multiply uncontrollably, resulting a tumor that gradually begins to infect other cells in its immediate region, and then to metastasize to even faraway locations in the body ? especially the bones.

Now here’s what happens when the prostate cancer cells are treated to some capsaicin, the colorless chemical compound that acts as a hot and spicy ingredient in pepper: the malignant cells of their own accord start to head out for the apoptosis that they used to avoid before! You can understand how exciting this must be for those who found it. All of a sudden after years of research, they are so close to declaring the final word for dealing with the ninth most common cancer in the world, and the second most common cause of cancer deaths among men in the United States.

Of course, the research was done on in vitro animals in the initial phase, but they are now hurrying to the later phase of testing and clinical trials in which the potency of capsaicin against prostate cancer cells will be determined in human test subjects. Erstwhile, the results show that in laboratory mice that had been injected with human prostate cancer cells, the cancers stopped growing when they were treated to some serious hot spices (pepper).

Most species of pepper actually have this chemical substance in abundance, but the cayenne pepper harvested in the Yucatán appears to have the highest concentration of it, as such, you might want to start purchasing and consuming a lot of pepper if you are at risk of or in treatment for prostate cancer.

However you should be warned that part of the ongoing research is to find the exact quantities of the substance that is healthy for use in prostate cancer intervention, and another part is to be certain that there aren’t other components in pepper that could constitute other health risks.

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