Chinese Herbs For Prostate Cancer

If you have resolved within you to treat your prostate cancer the “herbal way”, then you may probably be considering going for modern Chinese herbs for prostate cancer. These are oriental herbs that Chinese herbalists have been using for many years to treat different ailments. The use of these herbs in treating prostate enlargement and prostate cancer has been successful.

Read the remaining part of this article for short descriptions of the functions of some popular Chinese herbs that are used to treat prostate cancer. They are also referred by many as the modern Chinese medicines for prostate cancer and some believe that they are the Chinese herbs that cure prostate cancer.

? Saw Palmetto – This herb is used to treat enlargements and inflammations of the prostate. It counteracts the production of Dihydrotestosterone and prevents the multiplication of cancerous cells in the prostate. It can also be used to treat low back pain. This herb flourishes in the Southern part of the United States but its origin can be traced to the Chinese.

? Lu Lu Tong – This herb, which is also known as liquid amber helps the circulation of blood and reduces prostate inflammation, damp heat, and difficult urination.

? Patrinia – This is also known as Bai jiang Cao. The herb is very potent in getting rid of damp heat, which Chinese herbalists have identified as one of the causes of prostate cancer.

? He Shou Wu – This herb is known to contain many derivatives of tetrahydroxystilbene, which is an antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory compound. It helps to reduce the levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body and act as an estrogen.

? Gui Zhi – Another name for this herb is tokoro. It is used in Chinese medicine as a blood purifier in the form of a tonic. It helps in treating urinary tract disorder that comes up due to enlarged prostate.

There are many other Chinese herbs which are used to treat prostate cancer and related problems. These described above are a few you may want to consider. However, it is advisable that you consult your doctor or physician before opting for any of these. This will help you to prevent complications.

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