Cancer Herbal Prostate Treatment

The use of herbal treatment for prostate cancer is very popular in most parts of the world. In Asia, herbal treatments have gained wide acceptance. A good example is the Traditional Chinese medicine, which is used to treat different types of ailments.

The following are some popular herbal health prostate cancer treatment that are applied to treat prostate cancer.

? Saw Palmetto is used often to inhibit the metabolism of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. This herb is very popular and can as well be used to treat so many other ailments. It can be found in large quantity in the southern part of the United States.

? Lu Lu tong is used to promote blood circulation in the body so as to prevent cancerous cells grow in the prostate. This herbal prostate cancer treatment herb is very potent, as it will help to rev up the blood metabolism.

? Patrinia as a herb that is used to treat prostate cancer, especially when the cause is attributable to damp heat and infections in the prostate.

? Pygeum ? is an herb from the pygeum tree that is used to inhibit DHT levels in the blood. This herb is a good herbal treatment option that may be recommended for t you.

There are many other herbs that are used as treatment for prostate cancer. This is a fact and they are different from the ones explained above. You can do further research on these herbs. Talk to your doctor to know if you can combine the taking of these herbs with conventional medications.

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