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Flax is actually a common name for a family of plants, grown extensively for its fiber and seed for linen threads and fabrics, and as the source of linseed oil and meal. Shiny and may be dark brown, yellow, or mottled in color, the oil made from the seed of flax has especially been used in various products to promote both human and animal health. It is not a mythical phenomenon: flaxseed contains lignans that are believed to contribute in some way to protecting the human body against most hormone driven cancers, including breast, ovarian and prostrate.

Prostate cancer happens when the cells in your prostate start to mutate and multiply uncontrollably, spreading or metastasizing from the prostate to other parts of your body. It has a special penchant for bones and bones and lymph nodes, and it will cause pain and, difficulty in urinating, and problems during sexual intercourse, and erectile dysfunction, and other symptoms that generally develop during later stages of the disease. But even though not much is known about what precisely causes prostate cancer, it is a fact that the cancerous cells, when they are mutating, are actually feeding off of hormones in the human body. Similar to breast cancer that is largely fueled by the female estrogen hormone, prostate cancer is fueled by the masculine sex androgens testosterone and androsterone.

One of the most potent medical treatments against prostate cancer, especially in the early stages, is the administration of hormonal therapy in which drugs will be given to the patient of the disease that will block or inhibit the production of these endocrine chemicals so that the melanoma is starved such that they both cease to grow, and then they start to shrink. Even without any further treatment, the cancer has been known to go into complete remission in the process of this medication, although that is admittedly not too common. More likely than not, eighteen months to two years after the commencement of the treatment, the cancers could have developed a resistance to the hormonal medications and resume their growth and propagation through your body to your lymph nodes, and to your bones. All of a sudden, you may find yourself having to settle in for more aggressive treatments.

Flaxseed actually works in alternative prostate cancer treatment in a much similar fashion to the hormonal treatment, but not in precisely the same way. According to studies conducted to establish the efficacy of the herbal oil on prostate cancer patients, it was found that a simple daily ingestion of flaxseed to go with a low fat diet actually went a long way to slow the progression of the malignancy, enabling surgery after diagnosis. It does make sense, if you find that you are in high risk of catching prostate cancer, that you should put yourself on that same kind of diet, along with the prostate flaxseed oil from flax. I daresay if the combination can shrink your prostate cancer carcinoma, it can actually prevent the prostate cancer.

A friend’s dad died of prostate cancer when he was just in college. He is sixty years old now and he still doesn’t see that prostate cancer catching him yet; he takes flaxseed oil with his diet every day, and he is a strict vegetarian. It shows that flax and prostate cancer actually do have an understanding. How’s that for prostate cancer treatment by prevention?

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