Cancer Curing Prostate – Curing Prostate Cancer by Alternative Medicine

Perhaps most essentially, the ultimate determinant that a patient suffers from prostate cancer is a prostate biopsy, which requires the extraction of a tiny piece of prostate tissue for examination under a microscope. That notwithstanding, the biopsy is not sufficient to determine the actual extent of metastasis of the disease; oftentimes, the only way to determine how far the disease has spread is to examine tissues from all these other parts of the body, or to do various CT and MRI scans that outline the tumors starkly against normal cells in the body, or to check the score of the disease on the Gleason Scale.

Essentially, the Gleason score is given to prostate cancer based upon its microscopic appearance, with higher Gleason scores indicating more aggressive prostate cancers that have worse prognoses. Together with other parameters, it also helps extensively with prostate cancer staging to guide therapy. Albeit, in the same vein, tissue samples can be stained for the presence of PSA and other tumor markers in order to determine the origin of malignant cells that have metastasized, and also to help in staging the disease.

The bottom line is that the PSA ? prostate specific antigen ? level in the blood, once prostate cancer has been diagnosed and confirmed, is highly indicative of the extent to which the disease has progressed, and thus is helpful in the choice of therapy. Therefore, as an alternative to active surveillance or definitive treatments for prostate cancer, alternative medicine attempts to find other complementary therapies for the management of prostate cancer that reduce PSA, slow PSA doubling times, or have similar effects on secondary markers in men with localized cancer in short term trials.

In this regard, one exciting intervention is the application of a fish allowed vegan diet as a diet to cure prostate cancer. Interestingly, it has been found to help a great deal in the treatment of prostate cancer patient who have a localized version of the disease, especially by lowering their blood PSA level. You might also want to couple this with a lot of regular exercises (in particular, aerobics), which serves to improve the rate at which your body is able to dispel various antigens. Throw some stress reduction into the mix, and you will find that at the very least, the prostate cancer progression slows significantly, although it could actually go into remission.

Pomegranate juice in prostate cancer treatment has also been said to have some positive effect as alternative solution for the condition. A glass or two a day has in fact proven beneficial in that it reduces the PSA levels in many patients, and in others it actually slows PSA doubling times, especially in men with localized cancer in short term trials. And Genistein, an isoflavone that is found in several different legumes all across the culinary world, has proven it worth enough to warrant serious research to determine exactly how well it works, especially for late stage metastatic prostate cancer.

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