Treating Prostate Cancer Using Green Tea

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Some of the prostate cancer survivors that I have had the privilege of knowing always say that herbs played a very big role in their survival of the condition. One of such survivors is the popular American motivational speakers – Les Brown. He is a 10+ year prostate cancer survivor and attributes his healing to the taking of certain herbs, among other things. This article looks at the importance of one of such herbs – green tea – in treating and even dealing with cancer of the prostate. Take your time to read this article and you will surely learn a thing or two herein.

Many people suffering from prostate cancer do not know that green tea can be helpful. The green tea has some feature that can render health benefits which can potentially reduce the high risk of prostate type of cancer.

The anti-oxidants present in this type of tea help to prevent the occurrence and spread of prostate cancer. Green tea also contains polyphenols that prevent the growth of blood vessels. This help in preventing the cancer from getting nutrients in the body.

Some researches show that men who drink green tea have greatly reduce the chances of getting affected with this form of cancer than men who don’t drink green tea. Thus, drinking green tea always can somewhat help to reduce the spread of prostate cancer.

The green type of tea can be taken in any form. You can drink hot tea or iced green-tea depending on your choice. However, you should not drink heavily sugared tea. You may also try to combine fruits and vegetables that prevent the growth of this cancer. These are grape fruits, apricots, and almonds.

You can also try taking beverages in a supplement form. If you do not like green tea, take multi – vitamins supplement. This supplement contains minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts. Just try this and you just might get good results. And if you don’t try it, you won’t even know whether it will help you or not. So, I always say we should try anything that might help, just be sure that it’s not dangerous to your body and your health.

Green tea is also said to prevent prostate cancer from spreading and development of blood vessels. You can drink it in any form either hot or ice green-tea. Also you may combine fruits and vegetables with the tea and drink.  These help to reduce the risk of being infected with prostate cancer.

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2 Responses to “Treating Prostate Cancer Using Green Tea”
  1. Lennie Lelfer says:

    Hi; Why is it that Green Tea is always given so much ink–for being healthy?? I drink white tea–and studies show that it is much more healhty for you than green tea—yet I almost never read about white tea. Just not known well yet??? Plus–white tea has less caffeine than green–and it tastes TONS better than green. Thanks, Lennie

  2. Al Gordon says:

    I am a prostate cancer surviver, six years now.
    I drink lots of green tea and l also do flaxseeds in a smoothie and fish oil daily.
    Most important, I take a whole food based supplement called Juice Plus+.
    Highly concentrated fruit and vegetable capsules (17) and also grapes and berries. (9)
    NSA is the company that makes this available to the marketplace, there is lots of independent third party gold standard research from all over the world!
    It is almost impossible to get 7-13 servings and a wide variety, raw, everyday, this makes it possible! I mention this so that others may benefit also.
    I am a Vietnam veteran and prostate cancer is a common side effect of agent orange.
    I hope this helps someone out there!

    Al Gordon
    Class of 66, Chu Chi, Vietnam

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