Saw Palmetto Herbal Remedy for Prostate Cancer – Does It Work?

Saw Palmetto Herbal Remedy for Prostate Cancer:

It has been generally accepted, especially by many in the herbal remedy groups that Saw Palmetto as a herbal solution for prostate cancer works.

We have even talked about it in other herbal-remedy related articles on this website. But we just found out now that some scientists have carried out tests and concluded that Saw Palmetto is actually no different from a placebo.

Read the rest of the news article below:

Scientists investigating a popular herbal treatment for enlarged prostate, saw palmetto, have concluded it is no more effective than a placebo.

That conclusion comes from a study which included hundreds of men in their forties and older.

As men age, the prostate gland often gets larger. The prostate surrounds the urethra, which carries urine from the bladder to the penis. An enlarged prostate can impede the flow of urine, causing a variety of symptoms.

There are prescription drugs which can ease symptoms, but many men prefer the “natural” alternative: an extract from the saw palmetto tree, native to the American Southeast.

“It’s actually a very complex extract. It has quite a number of different chemicals and molecules within it, several of which are plausible agents to affect the way a man urinates, to even shrink the prostate,” says Gerald L. Andreiole of Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, who co-authored a paper on the study.

The men in the study were randomly assigned to two groups – one got progressively larger doses of saw palmetto; the other group got a placebo – a dummy pill. It was a double-blind study – neither the participants nor staff knew who was getting which.

They filled out a standard questionnaire used by urologists to assess prostate enlargement. It includes questions like, “How many times did you need to get up [to urinate] at night, how often did you experience frequency, urgency, the sense of incomplete bladder emptying. This is a standard symptom score that has been used for close to 20 years.”

By the end of the study, after about 16 months, Andriole says the symptom scores improved for both groups of men. “But there was no difference in the magnitude of symptom score improvement between placebo and saw palmetto.” Read more here.

The good thing, though, is that it’s not harmful in itself. It’s just the fact that some people might decide not to go for further treatments while taking such herbal remedies… while the condition gets worse, unknown to them. I hope you learned something from this news article on Saw Palmetto Herbal Remedy for Prostate Cancer.

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