Prostate Cancer And Tomatoes – Any Hope of Treating Prostate Cancer?

What good can there be in tomatoes? Funny you should say that, because it kind of reminds me of the Good Book in which someone asked “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” in reference to the Christ. Funny you should ask, because just as the Christ turned out to be the savior of humanity, tomatoes might actually turn out to be the savior of men with prostate cancer in the United States today? maybe even in the entire world.

Ok, pardon the pun, but there experts say there may really be a link between prostate type of cancer and tomatoes, and it is a healthy one. Tomatoes contain the substance lycopene, which is also known to be present in a number of other red fruits like carrots and other stuffs, and which is known to posses anticancer and antioxidant properties. Already tomato consumption has been linked for a long time to reduced cancer risk in a similar manner to how other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and a few others like that have been proven to have a protective effect. This link, according to some studies by Edward Giovanucci, a nutritionist at Harvard University Medical School and Harvard University School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, back in 1999, was “statistically significant.”

Men who consume tomatoes, tomato-based foods (e.g., ketchup, pasta, etc.), guavas, watermelon, and pink grapefruit, for instance, are significantly less likely to get prostate condition. These foods contain the powerful antioxidant agent called lycopene, which gives them their characteristic red color. Available as a nutritional supplement, lycopene not only prevents prostate cancer but also may reduce the size of the existing tumor.

Naturally, researchers are a bit divided and noncommittal about this because their final study results have not come in. However in spite of this, and even though the substance has not be ‘FDA approved’ for the treatment of prostate kind of cancer, you might as well just stick to it as that nutritional supplement.

This is no reason to stop your ongoing treatment for the disease, considering that you may already be undergoing one, but you may as well step up your lycopene consumption. If you are at risk of prostate cancer (which I believe every American man is) you should at least start to eat more of vegetables already, especially tomatoes and red pigmented fruits and herbs. If you can keep away the diagnosis permanently this way, there is no reasonable reason not to do so.

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