Helpful Nutritional Tips after Undergoing Prostate Cancer Treatments

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If you have undergone any type of prostate cancer treatment there is no doubting the fact that you might have felt some inconveniences.

Pains, loss of blood, loss of weight, fatigue are some common signs that tell your body has been subjected to surgery, hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, or any form of radiation therapy.

After a successful treatment, you need to restore all lost cells and help your body naturally repair damaged tissues. To achieve this, good nutrition becomes necessary.

You need good diet or nutrition to restore lost energy and cells after prostate cancer treatment. There are strategies you can apply to achieve this and these are highlighted below:

  • Drink plenty of fluid – You need to get hydrated at all times so the body can help to flush out impurities in your system. Also, hydration enables your basic organs and tissues to function well. Therefore, there is need to maintain a certain amount of fluids in the body. After your treatments, your doctor may advise you take enough quantity of water, fruit juices, beverages (without caffeine), broth, milk, etc. Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms prostate cancer treatments but with enough fluid in the body, these can be controlled.
  • Keep to your calorie needs per time – You need to find out from a nutritionist or your doctor your calorie need. Since you have undergone this treatment of prostate cancer, there is the possibility you will lose weight. Ensure you eat enough to maintain the amount of calories you need in day and to restore your weight. Remember that excess calorie is not good for your body, so taking what is enough is best.
  • Take enough protein – Protein helps to build and repair lost cells. Therefore, your food should be rich in protein so you can recover fast after prostate cancer treatment. The best sources of protein you should go for include fish, meat, poultry, milk, eggs, and beans. Knowing the estimated amount of protein you need is also crucial. You can still ask a nutritionist for this information.
  • Take enough vitamins and minerals – You need the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of at least 100% to restore your nutrient after prostate cancer. The good thing is that there are many types of vitamin supplements that should be taken. No matter the source, you need the right quantity to keep you healthy. A nutritionist or dietician would be an invaluable specialist to consult during this time.

So, these are some important highlights on what you should eat after prostate cancer treatments. It is also important that you consult with a dietician to suggest the right amount of fluid, protein, calories, vitamins and minerals to take. He or she can also suggest the best sources of these food constituents to go for.

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