Alternative Treatments for Prostate Cancer – Some That You Don’t Even Know About

You most definitely wouldn’t be the first to consider it: even the doctors and specialists – oncologists and urologists – know it by now. Medical science is hampered against prostate cancer because so little is understood concerning the disease, and with that little, there is only so much they can do. They need all the help they can get from whatever quarters the help will come from, and alternative treatments for prostate cancer may very well just be it.

The primary objective in prostate cancer treatment is to cure the disease; but if that becomes impossible or improbable, at least they’ll like to extend the life of the patient, and relieve the symptoms of metastatic disease that he is suffering, slow the progression of the disease progression, postpone his symptoms, reduce his PSA levels, slow PSA doubling times, and/or have similar effects on secondary markers in men with localized cancer.

To that end, there are several alternative remedies, incidentally. Pomegranate juice is one such, and genistein is another. Pomegranate juice is certainly well known enough; genistein is an isoflavone that is found in various legumes. These substances have a health dealing effect on prostate cancer and can be used both in prevention and in treating the disease. Some doctors even recommend a daily dose, although they would hardly go so far as to actually prescribe it.

Even during conventional treatment for prostate cancer, the doctors will urge that a patient should pay attention to what he eats. The reason why is because various foods have been linked to prostate cancer risk, and a number of others had been found to reduce that risk.

Vegetables and fruit, including natural sources of fish oils are determines to be ideal for preventing and treating prostate cancer, while other foods like red meat, processed foods, vitamin A palmitate rich products, and high fat diets have all been found to contribute to prostate cancer risk. The choice here is obvious.

The saw palmetto is said to help in the treatment of prostate enlargement, and is said to posses the antioxidant properties that prostate cancer treatment needs. Whatever the real truth is though, it only makes sense that one should consume more of it while treating prostate cancer or trying to prevent it. It’s pretty much the same with green tea, a natural herb with many medicinal properties.

Capsaicin from pepper and lycopene from tomatoes are it also, and merely indulging in them might be all it takes to prevent prostate cancer. Why, a daily helping of tomato products – even ketchup – is allegedly said to be able to lower prostate cancer risk by as much as 35%!

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