Alternative Medicine For Prostate Cancer

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You have got to face up to the truth about the matter ? that there is only so much that conventional medicine knows about prostate cancer (which is a lot), and that there are other remedies too which do not quite fit into mainstream medicine, but which actually can help in the treatment of the condition.

Conventional therapies for prostate type of cancer are quite numerous? and generally well known too. Prostatectomy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, cryotherapy, immunotherapy, proton therapy, and high intensity focused ultrasound; and there are still more of them popping out of the woodwork all the time.

Most conventional therapies are effective for the treatment (and cure) of early stage prostate cancer ? surgery, radiation, HIFU, cryosurgery, and proton therapy; a few may be used in either of these conditions, viz., radiation, prostatectomy, and hormonal therapy; and one is only applicable in late stage disease, especially when hormone therapy appears not to be working ? chemotherapy.

Non mainstream treatments for prostate cancer are also well known to Americans, being chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, biofeedback, homeopathy, and naturopathy. Actually, most of them are effective as preventive measures for prostate malignant cancer but a few of them, especially those that include the use of culinary herbs, are actually known to comprise healing powers that may be able to cure the condition..

Saw palmetto, pomegranate juice, lycopene, selenium, capsaicin, and pygeum africanum are all known herbs that experts say have curative effects on prostate cancer patients, having been shown in various researchers and clinical trials to reduce PSA, slow PSA doubling times, or have similar effects on secondary markers in men with localized prostate condition.

Another alternative treatment for prostate malignant tumor is actually one that is made up of dietary restrictions. Certain foods have been proven to contribute to prostate disease risk, such as processed foods, red meat, high fat diets, and diets rich in vitamin A palmitate. Conversely, a vitamin rich diet of vegetables and fibrous and non fibrous foods work in the opposite direction. Essentially then, the patient is urged to at least work on a diet that is almost strictly vegan, but one that allows for fish because fish oils also have the needed antioxidant properties for prostate cancer treatment.

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