Alternative Cures for Prostate Cancer

You might not want to subject yourself to the invasiveness or uncertainty that hangs around all of these so called conventional medical cures and treatments for prostate cancer, and you will be well within reason. With complications happening all the time, and men suddenly becoming impotent or unable to get it up as a result of side effects of prostatectomy or cryosurgery, or any the other well known prostate cancer medical treatments each and every day, you are certainly right to want to look at other possibilities.

In that regard you wouldn’t be the first; even medical practitioners are beginning to look at other possibilities that are available to them. For starters, there is the obviousness of the fact that men who live on near strict vegan diets tend to have a lowered PSA count than the average man. There is clearly something in the red meat that most other men consume all the time that makes them more susceptible to prostate cancer, whereas, the reverse is the case if you stuck to vegetables and perhaps just some fish.

Another thought you might want to contemplate is the possibility of pomegranate juice or genistein, an isoflavone found in various legumes as alternative prostate cancer cures or better called herbs to cure prostate cancer. They are also well known to lower PSA ? prostate specific antigen ? levels in existing prostate cancer patients. If you were to combine all of these in a single concerted effort to cure your prostate cancer, while also engaging in a couple of lifestyle changes that involve eschewing all of the risk factors that contribute to prostate cancer incidence, or regulating them in some way, you might startle yourself with the marked improvements that you observe within a few months; and you could even experience a complete remission of the carcinoma.

One consideration that you may also want to try out is the application of the yew tree bark. It was back in ’92 when the FDA approved the drug Taxol (also called Paclitaxel) for the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer in women whose cancers did not respond to standard drug therapy or had started growing again after a positive response to therapy. Generally, their tumors shrank and remained smaller for an average of at least half a year. What a lot people do not realize is that Taxol is derived from the bark of the Pacific yew tree, which works by blocking cancer cell division. Way to go, prostate cancer herbal cures!

You see, after some more experimentation, medical science might eventually come to the realization that a lot of alternative medicine practitioners are already aware of: that the yew tree bark cures cancer of the prostate. Even by the end of this two-decade old testing, they knew it already that it did not work only for the treatment of ovarian cancer in women, but also in the treatment of various other forms of cancer. This might be a good time to cease the chance with what is left of your natural life and do something about your prostate cancer that medical health practitioners are too scared to do.

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